Bagpipe/Tulum II
Xylophone for Kids
Violin Keman Tuner
Lyra/Kemence Tuner

Everything Will Be OK

Hello World

Our goal is to be happy by doing the work we like and also to earn money enough to get our livelihood.

Business Process

We begin the Project with a great inclination and excitement . Then we give a long interval and we study hard to deliver in time.

The Way We

We always make brain storming but we are lost in this storm. Wherever the wind blow we find ourselves there.

Price policy

We develop mobile appliances, appropriate with each budget with the policy of lowest price. Our philosophy is to gain money or people?s prays.


Some of our appliances are freebut we try to get income using advertisement technique. You can support us touching the ads in appliances.

Your Ideas

Inform us interesting mobile appliances ideas in your minds.then we make them real. And therefore everybody can have fun and be happy.

Bagpipe/Tulum II